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The Album on Tour

10 years ago a radical vision was cast, a piece of recorded music treated as fine art. Displayed in museums and institutions around the world. Instead of being on demand and available for streaming the Wu-Tang clan created a single copy of an album that only could be heard by the owner.
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The Saga Continues

The countdown to the album release has begun.
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Album Airdrop #1: GME

Be cautious of scams. No action is needed at this time.
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Once Upon a Time in DAOlin

There is no more storied, iconic, and historic piece of physical music on earth than the single copy of Wu-Tang Clan’s unreleased album, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. After nearly a decade under wraps and in private hands, PleasrDAO purchased the complete album, with plans to oversee and fulfill Wu’s original vision. Bring da motherfuckin' ruckus.
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The Doge NFT: Own a Piece of Internet History

Yes, this is Doge. The iconic Doge. WOOF!

PleasrDao✨ Genesis: a cartel of $PEEPS that aim to pleas

The story of PleasrDAO began with a single tweet.