Album Airdrop #1: GME

Be cautious of scams. No action is needed at this time.

With the launch of there are several communities we want to reward. First and foremost is the $GME community, due to the historical intertwinement of the album with the community and the philosophical underpinnings we believe the community shares with the radical economic experiment the album represents.

On June 2nd we launched a service integrated with Plaid to verify $GME holders status. This service was used by hundreds of $GME holders while it was live until June 8th, when Plaid unfortunately restricted our account.

Everyone who verified their $GME holdings on will receive 10 $ALBUM tokens later this week. These tokens will be sent to you automatically and you can access them by logging in with the phone number you verified here: These tokens have not been sent yet. At this moment no action is needed. They will be sent later this week and announced at that time.

Next Steps:
We also understand many $GME holders store their shares on services not supported by Plaid (Fidelity & Computershare). We are in active conversation with Plaid and other services to restore verification ability so we can again begin distributing to holders. We have allocated an additional 100,000 $ALBUM to $GME holders to distribute when our service is restored. We will announce this when it is live.

To properly reward the $GME community we needed some method of verifying $GME holders. Despite significant efforts, we have not been able to get GameStop management to agree to help facilitate this. Thus we had to build our own system powered by Plaid. We are aware that free airdrops are more common in the world of crypto, and that many GME holders have never received one before which naturally lends itself to suspicion. The decision to use Plaid was solely a pragmatic one, done in the service of airdropping free tokens to GME holders as an act of goodwill. This has taken significant time and resources to accomplish, but we felt it was necessary so as not to disappoint those who have been looking forward to some connection between the album and the GME community. We appreciate all those who are excited about the ways in which the two may write history together, whether or not it quite lives up to some very imaginative expectations.

Additional airdrops are coming for owners of the commemorative Zora mint and top $DOG holders. Snapshots have already been taken and no action is needed at this time.

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